Express Self Tanning Serum 148ml

Coming soon £29.00

Tannovation®  Deluxe- Champagne & Black Truffle infused Express Self Tanning Serum is a luxurious, smooth and rapid drying serum, so jam-packed full of skin-loving ingredients that it will change the way you tan forever! This Exclusive non sticky Innovative formula combines our New Tanning complex of DHA, Allomelanin like polymer and DMI and it matches the pigment of your own skin perfectly so guareenteeing the most flawless and natural tan. It’s Time Defined™ Technology will have your skin the correct tan shade for you, and luxurious high end Champagne & Black Truffle Extracts will leave your skin hydrated and conditioned.

Tannovations formula works with your natural skin pigment, ensuring the colour provided by the tan is a golden deep bronze shade and NEVER orange.
As a worldwide tanning exclusive, Tannovations Serum will be the first tanning serum to contain Allomelanin like polymer, Champagne & Black Truffle extracts.

Our Full Tannovation range is infused with Champagne & Black Truffle Extracts and will be available in Serum, Mousse, Spray and Professional Spray Tanning liquid..... So there is always something to suit everyone.

Our most innovative and advanced formula yet that allows you to control your depth of tan, from a light sunkissed glow in just 1 hour, or leave on over night for a deep dark bronze to suit your skin tone. For best results, always apply using a Tan Applicator Mitt.
How to apply
Step 1: Exfoliate 24 hours prior to use. Immediately prior to application, moisturise any dry areas including elbows, knees, ankles and feet.
Step 2: For best results, apply a few pumps of this Gorgeous Self Tanning Serum to a Tan Applicator Mitt then in long sweeping motions start to apply, starting at the ankles and working your way up.  Ensure all areas are covered before lightly gliding any excess tan from the Mitt over your hands and feet.
Step 3: Wait until touch dry before getting dressed.
Step 4: Allow 1 Hour for a Golden Tan, 2 Hours for a Medium Tan, 3 hours for a Dark Tan or over night for a Extra Dark Tan, before showering with warm water only. Your tan will then continue to develop for up to 8 hours.
Step 5: To prolong and maintain your tan, moisturise daily, exfoliate regularly and reapply as desired.

WARNING: Tannovation products
should never be sprayed or applied directly into the eyes. If this occurs please flush with water and seek medical advice. This product does not contain a sunscreen so it will not protect against sunburn. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Patch test required if this is the first usage of sunless tan.
Apply a small amount, wait for 24 hours and if irritation occurs discontinue use. Do not apply to damaged, irritated or sensitive skin.